Neon Maniacs: Longevity cassette - Shogun Rec.

Neon Maniacs: Longevity cassette

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Neon Maniacs: Longevity cassette - Shogun Rec.


Discography-to-date for this LOOONG-running Southern California punk band. This collects material dating back as far as 1997, so as you can expect it's a bit of a mixed bag. On their very early releases (of which there are, fortunately, only a few collected here) they were a bit overly-simple, aping '77 UK punk but without the songwriting chops, making them sound essentially like a modern street punk band. However, they turned things around really quickly and blossomed into a wonderful Buzzcocks-style punk band. Like the Buzzcocks, they combine heavy, buzzsaw guitar with sweet (and deceptively complex) vocal melodies... seriously, most of these releases are dead ringers for Love Bites-era Buzzcocks. Note this is a 90-minute tape pro-printed tape FULL of music and includes a full color tray card, so if value for money is your thing obvious you're getting a LOT of music here. Shogun Records