SHORT FAST & LOUD #17 w/CD comp

SHORT FAST & LOUD #17 w/CD comp

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SHORT FAST & LOUD #17  w/CD comp


Interviews w/ INSECT WARFARE, RUNNAMUCKS, LOOKING FOR AN ANSWER. And a 28 band Teen Beat compilation CD with unreleased trax by: Nightstick Justice, El Dead, Warkrime, Fragile X, Brutal Death, Dead Radical, Final Draft, Rocket Attack, Second Opinion, Spoonful Of Vicodin, Rotten Fux, Rhino Charge, Teenage Attack, Suburban Death Camp, Manipulation, Vomit, Common Enemy, B.F.B.B., Masacre, Bird Flu, K-Bar, Parasites Go, Scatterbrained, Fatality, Republicorpse, Shanghai Surprise, Liberate, Sylverster Staline. Phew!